Rush wars: Put your strategy skills to test

Oct 02 2019
Ross Crawford
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Are you new to the game Rush Wars? Are you the one who knows nothing about the elements of the game? Are you eager to know more about the game and its different elements? If your answer to all the above-asked question is yes, then you are at the right place. Here you will get a generous amount of information about some aspects of Rush Wars. 

By now you might only know that it is tactic game rest we are here to tell you. But before, bearing down to the guide, let me tell you to use the Homescapes hack 2020 to grab many coins in the start as you will then play the game free-mindedly without any limitations.   

So, let’s get down to the essential elements.


The cards are one of the most crucial aspects of all. These can be acquired in various ways in the game. Three types of cards are there. All three of them represent different classes of forces in the game. SO let’s see for what kind of forces these cards are for.

·         Air Drops

·         Troops

·         Commander

 So, let’s discuss all of these three in brief.

Air Drops

These can be considered to play the same role in the game as the spells played in Clash of clans.  They are having a range of 1-2. Also, there is a separate category for housing space.


Troops are the soldiers that are intended to be placed outside of the base of the defenders. Thereby they will move slowly towards the target and will try to destroy them.  These are also having different space as per their sizes.


Last but not least is the category of commanders. These can be considered more like the main characters or the leaders, which can be used only once for a single take. These types of cards don’t require any separate space.

Also can upgrade all the types of cards to make them even strong but if you don’t have sufficient coins then first collect it through Rush War cheats and upgrade them as soon as possible.

That’s all for the elements and tips of Homescapes for now. Use the above-reiterated information to improve your gameplay. You will face up the game and its strategies soon.