Destroy Everything That Comes In Your Way with “Hungry Dragon”

Nov 06 2019
Ross Crawford
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It is true that hungry things are always dangerous, and when it is dragons, and then you have to run before it’s too late. The mobile game Hungry Dragon is currently one of the most favorable arcade games in both Android and iOS devices. The game is based on missions and tasks that gamer have to complete to get amazing rewards. Otherwise, you can also get amazing rewards with Hungry Dragon Cheats instantly.

Destroy everything and be strong

The story of the game is quite simple, and there are some important things that gamers should when they are on the way to eating things. Dragons have the energy and health that keeps them alive and fly high and to keep then in that way, and you have to kill all those who try to hurt dragons. In the game Hungry Dragon, there are many locations that you have to complete. Every level, in particular, has different obstacles and places that you have to destroy, or should I say eat.

Destruction is the key –Destruction is the main key of the game because the dragons are hungry, and in order to stop them, you have let them eat as much as they want. At the beginning of the game, the levels are quite simple, and dragons are too. Dragons can eat goblins and villagers, town and hills, and many more that tries to come in the way.

Upgrade the dragons – Dragons are powerful, but you have to upgrade them to gain their full power and size. Every Dragon is a huge band they can only reach at the height if you upgrade them with Hungry Dragon Cheats. In the game, every Dragon has unique powers. Some possess fire, and some do Ice. Fire or Ice both is the sign of destruction.